Valentine’s Day in the Forest


Lunch  2 Course $59

 Reservations commencing between 12pm to 3pm

Dinner 3 Course $75

Reservations commencing between 5pm to 8:30pm


Smoked salmon lollypop, feta mouse, olive, salad bouquet  GF

Pork belly, scallops, ponzu broth, radish salad, bonito flakes  GF

Heirloom beetroot carpaccio, citrus coconut yogurt, grapefruit, herb oil, micro greens GF, V



Pistachio crusted lamb rump, ratatouille vegetables, red wine jus, baby beetroot  GF

Chicken Ballantine, spiced pumpkin assiette, fondant, puree, pickle, red wine jus, sorrel  GF

Crispy skin Atlantic salmon, apple jelly, pear & parsnip puree, tomato concasse  GF

Eye fillet, field mushrooms, shallots, broccoli stem, red wine jus  GF

Linguini, broccoli, toasted pine nuts, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, pangrattato  OGF, V



Lemon thyme cheesecake, rhubarb jelly, Turkish delight flowers, rosewater syrup

Vanilla panna cotta., poached strawberry variations, shortbread, coconut yogurt, herb garden  OGF, V

Chocolate & macadamia pudding, crème anglaise, red wine jelly




GF = Gluten free   OGF = Optional Gluten Free   V = Vegan   OV = Option vegan